Forget the collaborations with Burnaboy, here is the only person Wizkid is close to in the Music Industry!

lyrics, meaning and translation of the song ballon dor by burna boy ft wizkid
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31 years old Wizkid (Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun) and 30 years old Burnaboy (Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu) seem to have formed a musical working bond over the past few years.

The grammy award winners have been doing collaborations since 2013. If you recall, Burna boy featured Wizkid in his 2013 song titled “Jah’s love is true.” He further featured Wizkid in his 2015 song titled “Single. Both songs garnered 264 thousand and 193thousand views respectively. 

Wizkid in turn featured Burnaboy in his 2021 song titled “Ginger” which has over 29 million views. In 2022, Burnaboy featured Wizkid in his song titled “B.D’Or,” which currently has over 4.3 million views.

So does these collaborations make Burnaboy the closest person to Wizkid? Nope!

We all know Wizkid doesn’t keep too many friends, but there is just one person that he can’t stay away from.

Who? Banky W? Banky ke, no, it is not Banky W, but 37 years old Oluwatobi Wande Ojosipe aka Wande Coal aka Black Diamond.

Wande Coal and Wizkid are like 5 and 6; so inseparable. Most people don’t know that Wande Coal usually goes around with Wizkid. Most of the time, he is always with Wizkid, even though he may be behind the camera.

Wizkid once referred to Wande coal as “Blood” on his Instagram page…Or maybe it is Wande Coal sha, but the closeness di (is) so tight.

What do you all think?

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