Buju’s (BNXN) Biography and 2022 Net Worth


Buju’s (BNXN) name is on everyone’s lips nationwide and worldwide. His musical dexterity is evident in his many collaborations with top artists.

Buju (BNXN) has also worked with medium artists and upcoming ones; every artist wants to feature Buju (BNXN). 

An Igbo proverb says “Onye o bula nwere oge ya,” which translates to everybody has got his or her time, it is certainly Buju’s (BNXN) time. 

Whether you like it or not, it is his time to reign. Everybody is interested in any gist talk about him and any music he is featured in.

Buju (BNXN) is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, producer, and recording artist. He is from the South-South, Nigeria. He is from Akwa-Ibom precisely.

What is Buju’s (BNXN) real name?

Buju’s (BNXN) birth name is Daniel Benson.

What’s Buju’s (BNXN) age?

Buju (BNXN) is in his early 20’s. Interestingly, Buju (BNXN) has a big stature that one may think he is in his late 30s. But, a close look at his face, you would tell that “obu nwata,” which means he is still small.

What state is Buju (BNXN) from?

Buju (BNXN) is from the South-South, Akwa-Ibom precisely.

What school did Buju (BNXN) attend?

Buju (BNXN) attended Emerald Ridge High School. He also schooled at Babcock University.

What’s Buju’s (BNXN) stage name?

Buju’s (BNXN) stage name is “Bujutoyourears.” He however changed his name to Benson written as BNXN in February.

When did Buju (BNXN) change his name to BNXN?

Buju (BNXN) changed his name to Benson written as BNXN on Thursday, 17th February 2022. He is however still using the name Buju or “ToYouEars,” on most of his social media channels. Feel free to check his YouTube and Instagram, you would see that it is still the same, none has been changed to BNXN.

Why did Buju (BNXN) change his name from Buju to BNXN?

Buju on Thursday announced to all his Instagram followers that he already changed his name from Buju to BNXN. View his post below:

“It’s no longer Buju by the way, call me Benson, written as BNXN.”

So why did he change his name from Buju to BNXN?

The reason for the change of name from Buju to BNXN is not clear. But, from his post, one may say Buju wanted a stage name that he could relate with his birth name- Daniel Benson since fame and wealth have come his way.

Moreso, there is already a Jamaican Reggae Dancehall recording artist that goes by the stage name Buju Banton. Buju Banton’s real name is Mark Anthony Myrie. The Nigerian Buju is a fan of this Jamaican Buju. 

So, Buju may not want any mixup in the similar stage names they both share.

What do you all think?

How many albums does Buju (BNXN) have so far?

Buju has two albums. In 2020, he released the album “24 Hrs in Lagos City.” In 2021, he released the album “Sorry I’m late.”

What are the songs in the “Sorry I’m Late album?”

The “Sorry I’m late album,” by Buju (BNXN) has 6 songs. 

Sorry I’m Late Album songs by Buju

  1. Daniel Benson (BUJU)
  2. Never stopped
  3. Kilometer
  4. Something sweet
  5. Ogechukwu
  6. For here
  7. I do!

What are the songs in the “24 Hrs in Lagos City album” by Buju?

The “24 Hrs in Lagos City album,” by Buju (BNXN) has 10 songs. 

24 Hrs in Lagos City Album songs by Buju

  1. Follow me
  2. Sade
  3. Power to Heal 
  4. Jaiye
  5. My Baby
  6. In Your Head
  7. Fine Girls
  8. Dans ma Tete
  9. Slow Down
  10. Love You some more

What are Buju’s (BNXN) collaborations?

Artists that have featured Buju (BNXN) and the songs titles:

  1. Finesse (Folake for the night) by Pheelz ft Buju (BNXN) 
  2. Feeling by Ladipoe ft Buju(BNXN) 
  3. Cold Outside by Timaya ft Buju (BNXN) 
  4. Mood by Wizkid ft Buju (BNXN) 
  5. Alubarika by Zlatan ft Buju (BNXN) 
  6. Confident by Savage ft Buju (BNXN)
  7. Icecream by Falz ft Buju (BNXN) 
  8. Hustle by Reminisce ft Buju (BNXN) and D Smoke
  9. Bling by Blaqbonez ft Buju (BNXN) 
  10. 0903 by Enograe ft Buju (BNXN) 
  11. Your Body by Basket Mouth ft Buju (BNXN) 

What are Buju’s (BNXN) newest songs?

  1. Sweet Daddy
  2. Italy ft Blaq Diamond

What is Buju’s Networth?

Buju (BNXN) is currently worth $500,000

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