(+Lyrics + Translation) Frozen remix by Madonna Meaning ft SicKick and Fireboy DML 

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Frozen is a song by American singer and songwriter, Madonna. The first version of this song was released in 1998.

This however is the remix of “Frozen,” and it features Canadian musician Lomus Rai Babber aka SicKick. It also features Nigerian singer and songwriter, Fireboy DML

What is the song Frozen remix by Madonna ft SicKick and Fireboy DML all about?

First of all, what is the meaning of Frozen?

Frozen means to be cold and inaccessible. In the context of this song, a frozen person is—

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Frozen remix by Madonna ft Fireboy DML and Sickick Lyrics

Verse 1 (Madonna)

How can life be what you want it to be?

You’re frozen

When your heart’s not open

Chorus (Madonna and Sickick)

Hmm hmm hmm, if I could melt your heart

Hmm hmm hmm, we’d never be apart

Hmm hmm hmm, if I could melt your heart

Hmm hmm hmm, we’d never be apart

Verse 2 (Fireboy DML)

Wahala go dey to ba lo (There would be problem if you go.)

Plenty wahala go dey to ba lo (There would be a lot of problems if you go.)

You dey make me dey wait for your love (You are making me wait for your love.)

Go on my knees and I pray to the Lord

After all, you have taken it all

Everything I’ve got, you have taken it all

Baby I’ve been there for so long

Now you say you don’t want this no more

I’ve been waiting, waiting for a sign

You are delaying me, playing, wasting time

Don’t make me wait inline

Don’t make me waste my time

I’ve been waiting all my life

And I thought you

I thought you loved me

I thought you chose me

I tried to take care of your heart but it’s frozen

Why can’t you show me?

Don’t leave me open

I thought you told me

That you’re ready, but you’re broken

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