What is the “Doodle for Google contest about and how to contest? The prize money is whopping… 

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Google has started accepting entries for its annual “Doodle for Google,” contest. The judges for this year’s contest are Selena Gomez (Charming American singer and actress),  Elyse Fox (Sad Girls Club founder and mental health advocate), and Juliana Urtubey (2021 National Teacher of the Year special education.) 

What is Doodle for Google about?

  1. It is a contest whereby students from kindergarten through 12th grade are spurred to design their version of the company’s logo.
  2. It is a yearly contest and comes with a theme. This year’s theme is “I care for myself by…”
  3. If you are the winner of the “Doodle for Google,” contest, you will be featured on the iconic Google home page.
  4. As a contestant, you are to use any material or medium they want to convey their message.
  5. Your Doodle should be photographed clearly and displayed in a two-dimensional format. 

What is the purpose of Google Doodle?

Google Doodles are entertaining, Doodles are the unexpected unseen changes made to the Google logo to celebrate a legend (musicians, actors, athletes, pioneers, scientists, etc), country, event, holidays, or anniversaries. These doodles are usually funny, surprising, educative, informative, or entertaining.

What is the prize money for the winner of the “Doodle for Google” Contest?

  1. You earn a bragging right
  2. You will get a $30,000 college scholarship and a $50,000 technology award for your school.

When will the contest end?

  1. You have the chance to submit from now till 11:59 p.m on Friday, March 4.

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