“IDAN” Meaning? Here is the meaning of IDAN

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The “Meaning of Idan” is currently trending across all social media platforms. Here is what IDAN means:

IDAN Meaning?

What is the meaning of IDAN?

IDAN in Yoruba means someone that performs magic. IDAN in slang means someone with magical moves, someone that is extremely wise and can’t be “caught off guard” or “caught in the act.”

IDAN is too wise, and will never slack. IDAN is proactive, is resilient and can survive everything tossed at him/her and eventually come out successful.

IDAN is a superior being, a boss, a leader, and, a street person that would always get things right. IDAN is a record breaker

According to Bola Ahmed Tinubu, “IDAN” doesn’t break, she breaks records. IDAN is Hilda Baci.

Image source- The Lexical Learner

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