Who is a Copywriter? Information Copywriters need from new clients!


Who is a copywriter?

A copywriter on the other hand writes clear and compelling copy to market a product/service, and create awareness about it to drive sales to the product/service.

What does copy mean?

“Copy” is is a set of words exhibited in a blog post, TV commercial, Radio commercial, Billboard, Postcard, Print Commercial and so on.

To help your campaign, and to deliver the best, you should would ask your client the following questions.

  1. Details about the business/product/Project.
  2. Who to write for
  3. Brand story: vision, mission, about the company, the reason for the business, and business origin.
  4. Positive reviews from customers.
  5. Any SEO topic in mind?
  6. Word count
  7. Competitors
  8. Any special offer or discount?
  9. Distribution channel
  10. What steps do they want their customers to take/what do they want them to do?

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