Why Bella Shmurda was unable to win the next rated category award in the 14th Headies Award…

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Why Bella Shmurda was unable to win the next rated category award in the 14th Headies Award

Honestly, I really don’t know the “Why” popular Nigerian Musician, Bella Shmurda did not win the “Next Rated” award; a popular award category in Hip Hop World Awards aka Headies.

If the “Headies” award is about recognizing and rewarding outstanding achievements in the Nigerian Music Industry; I am sure you will agree with me that Bella Shmurda has more songs that are outstanding compared to Omah Lay who eventually won the “Next Rated” category award.

There were other top contenders like Tems and Oxlade though, but Bella Shmurda had a better chance of winning the car and cash attached to the Next Rated award category of the 14th Edition of Hip Hop World Awards aka “Headies” which held on Sunday, 21st February 2021.

Why did Bella stand a better chance?

If you listen to Bella’s songs, you will notice that his songs are more diversified than these contenders, Omah Lay in particular. Omah Lay’s “Get Layd” EP was basically about sex; just like the EP title. It is a one-direction EP with songs like Lolo, Bad Influence, Yeyeye, You, and Damn.

Bella’s songs are not one-direction; his lyrics are not one-direction but focus on different things that one can relate with around us or in the country at large. Some of his lyrics may be street language but they flow well. His beats are usually high tempo and danceable. Bella flows well on the beat as well. Some of his famous songs are Cash App, Hallelu, Dangbana Orisa, World, Rush, among others.

Why Bella Shmurda was unable to win the next rated category award in the 14th Headies Award…

With great hits like Cash App, Hallelu, Dangbana Orisa, World, Rush, and so on, why was Bella unable to clinch the award?

The real reason is that most of Bella’s songs started booming after Omah Lay already won the award. Omah Lay became popular before Bella, his songs were released before Bella’s. His EP came out May 22nd 2020.

Bella Shmurda’s Cash app and other songs started making waves around October, 2020….

So, now you know why Bella was unable to win the Next Rated award at the 14th edition of the Headies!

What y’all think?

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