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HOMTOM headquarter and the factory is located in Shenzhen, China. HOMTOM when translated in Chinese means “Heng Tong.” Heng Tong conveys rich brand wisdom. Little wonder their products are of premium quality and are selling out so fast offline and online.

Homtom phones are made with flexible software that leaves their phone users with a user-friendly experience. Some of the notable features are:

Intelligent Touch Control: It allows direct interaction with your phone. You can control your touchscreen, and make it work just the way you want it. Their phones allow Face and Finger print recognition. Homtom phones have terrific display and font size. The semi in ear is designed in a way to give you 100 percent comfort; it doesn’t leave you with pains. The battery capacity is superb and of high performance. It lasts longer than most phones. The operating system is incomparable.

Homtom phones come in large ROM- Read Only Memory, and in fast RAM- Random Access Memory. If you are one that loves to open so many apps and use them side by side, then, this Homtom phone is for you, and nothing can slow your phone down. You can watch lots of videos non-stop. It is however advisable to go for an Homtom phone with a bigger ram.

It is one of the phones with the highest internal storage capacity, and you can install apps on the phone without it affecting your phone speed. It supports up to 64GB SD Card despite the large internal storage capacity. That means more and more of photos, videos, movies, and games.

Speaking of photos; the pictures are of high quality and resolution. You would honestly think you were a trained photographer after taking one single shot which would lead to another shot, and then more shots.

That ends our review on Homtom phones…

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    I love their phones

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