Wizkid shares new details about this year’s Tommy Hilfiger’s “Pass The Mic” deal…

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Tommy Hilfiger is a well-known top-notch American clothing brand that manufactures garments, footwear, fragrances, accessories, home furnishings, and so on.

Last year, 2021, the company had a campaign titled “Pass The Mic,” in which it connected with talents from different countries, and signed a deal with the trailblazers. These trailblazers are Wizkid, Yara Shahidi, Jack Harlow, Anthony Ramos, Kim Soo-Hyun, and DJ Cassidy. 

The “Mic” was, first of all, passed to these trailblazers, DJ Cassidy, Anthony Ramos, Wizkid, and co, and they had the following to say before passing the “Mic” to the audience. 

  • Yara Shahidi (USA) on Confidence: “I am the ‘I’ in light. I am the reason the future is so bright.” Yara is one of Hollywood’s most heralded young talents. She is an award-winning actress, producer, and full-time Harvard University student with a theme that will empower greatness by focusing on Confidence.
  • Anthony Ramos (U.S.A.) On Community: “We change the world by redesigning who we are, but never forgetting where we came from.” Anthony is the Grammy-winning and Emmy nominated singer and actor. His theme highlights Community through his addictive sounds, provocative lyrics, and tireless loyalty to the truth.
  • Jack Harlow (U.S.A) On Commitment: “Words mean nothing if they’re not well said.” Jack Harlow is a multi-platinum rapper. With his striking authenticity, smooth melodies, and clever quips, his theme explores Commitment to captivating effect.
  • “Wizkid” (Nigeria) On Character: “How many tries? And still, you rise.” Wizkid is a millennial pioneer for African entertainment with a well-connected international platform. The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter’s theme tackles Character.
  • Kim Soo-Hyun (Korea) On Change: “Our little movement towards the future makes beautiful waves and changes the world.” Kim is an actor, a star of both TV with a theme that highlights Change by always standing up for what he believes in.
  • DJ Cassidy (U.S.A.) On “Pass the Mic”: “Pass the mic and share your light. Every person, every voice can change the world. So, what do you have to say?” Creator of the groundbreaking “Pass the Mic” series, the world-renowned DJ unites musical icons and transforms the audience experience by passing the mic from home to home.

What is Tommy Hilfiger’s “Pass The Mic” campaign about?

The campaign believes that voices speak volumes as well as actions, and have the power to unite people, light up and change the world; a long-lasting change.

How to take part?

You are to share your message via a voice note on their IG page @TommyHilfiger

You must ask “What inspires you to make a difference? What would you say if the world was listening? What drives you towards the future? What do you have to say?”

You must end your video with “I’m passing the mic to you. What do you have to say?”

Audiences will be allowed to respond via direct message @TommyHilfiger ‘s Instagram account.

Wizkid while giving new details about his deal with popular fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger for its “Pass The Mic” campaign.on his Instagram said 

“I want to “Pass The Mic” to you. What is making you feel hopeful right now? Send an audio DM to @TommyHilfiger. We are listening #TommyPartner.” 








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