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parts of speech
parts of speech

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SpainSpain is a country in South Western region in Europe.NounThere are lots of beautiful cities like Barcelona,San Sebastian in Spain.
FrecklesA small brownish spot on the skin.NounWhy are these freckles coming back on my face?
ConsequenceA result or effect; typically, one that is unwelcome or unpleasant.NounHe his now facing the consequences of his past evil deeds.
AcheA continuous or prolonged dull pain on a part of one’s body.VerbAfter dance rehearsals; my body usually aches.
BoulderA boulder is a rock; a big one.NounShe sat on a boulder with no fear.
Words: Spain, Freckles, Consequence, Ache, Boulder; Meaning, Parts of speech, Sentence Usage

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