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Music Review: “Many Roads” by Zinoleesky ft Ayra Starr

“Many Roads” is a song by Nigerian singer and songwriter, Oniyide Azeez known professionally as Zinoleesky.

The song premiered a few days ago. It is a song off his 2022 “Grit and Lust” album. Zinoleesky featured Nigerian singer and songwriter, Ayra Starr. The artists sang in pidgin, standard English, and Yoruba.

The song comes in 2 verses. The chorus was taken 3 times.

What is the meaning of the song “Many Roads” by Zinoleesky ft Ayra Starr?

“Many Roads” by Zinoleesky ft Ayra Starr is about a long-lasting relationship with…

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Zinoleesky ft Ayra Starr “Many Roads” Lyrics



Verse 1 (Zinoleesky)

I can’t lie, you make me feel some type of way

Stay a little longer, baby ma lole (Baby, don’t go home.)

Se mo ma ri e lale Saturday? (Will I see you on a Saturday night?)

Say, I can’t lie

You fit make me rich like Dangote (You can make me rich like Dangote.)

Check on you day and night if that’s okay

Now I feel like I need counseling

Say I make I go crazy when I pull up in a white tee 

She know how it go, she know my thing (She knows how it goes, she knows my thing.)

Finna get you a crown ’cause you’re my queen

Chorus (Ayra Starr)

Many many road, uh uh

What we had to go through

Story very long

It’s still going longer

It’s still going longer

Verse 2 (Ayra Starr)

But I no be psychic oh (But, I am not a psychic.)

I no fit read your mind oh, I did not know (I can’t read your mind. I don’t know.)

Shey you know say I be pisces oh (Hope you know that I am Pisces.)

Rising oh, let me know before the sun goes

Would you tell me baby “What’s missing?”

E go shock you whеn I pull up with the next thing (It would shock you when I pull up with the next thing.)

You no dey see say thе clock ticking (Can’t you see the clock is ticking.)

On my way and I go pull up in a Bentley (On my way, and I would pull up in the Bentley.)

All the boys dem know (All the boys know.)

Dem dey feel me, dem go follow me go (They are feeling me. They are following me to go.)

Small yansh, no br€ast and so (Small bum, no br€ast and so..)

Big bag, big checks and gold

And gold

Chorus (Zinoleesky and Ayra Starr)

Many many road (Many many road)

What we had to go through (Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah)

Story very long (Story very long)

Still going longer

Still going longer

Verse 3 ( Zinoleesky)

Ah, ah

The story very very long (The story is very long.)

And she don’t want me telling anyone (And she doesn’t want me to tell anyone.)

She want to form into my song

Want me to go, —

She say “Baby, I’m yours for to toast”

And now you dey act like a ghost (And, you are acting like a ghost.)

What do we do now? 

Everybody knows

That I’m still the best guy anyhow it goes

Outro (Zinoleesky & Ayra Starr)

Many ways we’ve passed through

Girl, I cannot live without you

Girl, I’m sorry if I doubt you

Still going longer

Still going longer

Ah, ah, ah

Ah ah

Going longer

Still going longer ah, ah

Zinoleesky ft Ayra Starr “Many Roads” Mp3/Watch the video for the song “Many Roads” by Zinoleesky below

Duration: 2 minutes 36 seconds

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